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A lot of people we meet are acutely anxious of dental treatment. If that overwhelming feeling is something you experience, we understand. Our sympathies do not just end at words, however.
We are committed to giving you a uniquely comfortable and relaxing level of care. If you feel apprehensive, speak with one of our team members and we will create a personal relaxation plan just for you.

Sedation Dentistry

Having dental work done under light oral sedation is an effective way to reduce your dental-related anxiety. If you have had an unpleasant dental experience in the past – or are familiar with the feelings of uncertainty and helplessness that many people associate with dental treatment – your answer may be sedation. What exactly is sedation dentistry? Simply put, an oral sedative is taken prior to the appointment, and then nitrous oxide is administered at chair-side. It is a powerful combination to relax and soothe even the most apprehensive patient. During the process, our team monitors your progress to ensure safety. Don't wait! Ask our team about the benefits of sedation dentistry today, and get started back down the road to good health.


Oraverse was invented to shorten the duration of patient numbness after dental procedures. Now, when you leave our office you can eat, drink or speak normally, with no worries of biting your tongue or cheek because of a lack of sensation. Get back to work quickly! Ask us about Oraverse today.

Relax! We have in-office movies, Ipods and Bose headphones available for your enjoyment.

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