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Cosmetic dentistry is the new frontier of patient interest. Ask us about these options today, and get started toward the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

  • Veneers

    Veneers: A veneer is a very thin sheet of porcelain, usually no thicker than a baby’s fingernail, that’s adhered to the front and sides of your existing tooth. Seen on many popular makeover shows, veneers can correct misshapen, discolored or poorly aligned teeth. In multiples, they can act as instant orthodontics, correcting crowded or crooked teeth in as little as two visits. Simply imagine your teeth a certain size or shape – or even show us a photo of someone’s teeth that you admire – and your smile can be transformed with veneers. In our office, we offer the Lumineer® brand of veneers. Visit to learn more about the beauty and quality of these restorations.

  • Tooth Colored Fillings

    Tooth Colored Fillings: Composite fillings are the cosmetic way to fill cavities, as each one can be exactly shade matched to your natural tooth. If you’ve hidden your mouth with your hand while smiling or laughing because your “silver” fillings are noticeable, tooth colored fillings are a perfect fix. We can even re-create anatomy in your teeth, so your chewing ability is enhanced. Try a tooth-colored filling today!

  • Porcelain Crowns

    Porcelain Crowns: Hollywood smiles are not only for celebrities and movie stars. While porcelain crowns are the driving force behind the smile makeovers you may have seen on television, we create the same amazing result with them in our office. With porcelain, we can reshape, recontour and redesign your smile. If your teeth are widely spaced, misshapen, discolored or simply not to your liking, ask us about giving you a smile you can be proud of with porcelain crowns. You deserve to feel confident; a gorgeous smile is the best self-esteem booster!

  • Bonding

    Bonding: Bonding is a quick and easy way to recontour teeth. This technique is often used to reduce or eliminate large spaces between the front teeth. A hard plastic resin that has been color-matched to your smile is applied to the tooth surface, where it is shaped and polished until it cannot be easily identified by onlookers. Voila! Bonding is a great way to “try on” the correction of gapped teeth or other minor imperfections.

  • Tooth Replacement

    Tooth Replacement: If you’ve already lost one or more teeth to trauma or disease, this is a perfect time to look into the many options for tooth replacement. We can cosmetically enhance your appearance with an implant and restoration, or create a custom bridge or partial denture to restore your smile. The choices in replacement have expanded considerably, so be sure and ask our team about the many ways we can correct your smile or eliminate problems eating.

  • Whitening

    Whitening:  Teeth whitening is the number one requested cosmetic procedure in America. Let’s face it; we all love white teeth! There are many ways to achieve a whiter smile, but most involve the utilization of a bleaching agent that is held or painted onto the surface of the teeth. That procedure can be done in our office, or you can try it yourself at home with trays that we have custom-made from an impression of your teeth. Whitening can fade over time, so be sure to ask us about ordering extra tubes of touch-up whitening material for future use. This solution is about the same price as whitening material you can buy at your local mega-store, but is a strength available only to dental professionals.

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