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Serving Your Needs with the Newest Advances in Dentistry

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Technological advancements have changed the way we work, and we think you’ll love what those changes mean for your care. Here are a few examples: 

  • Diagnodent

    The DIAGNOdent is, in our opinion, one of the most useful inventions of the decade. This tool is essentially a cavity detector that determines tooth density with a focused laser beam. Healthy enamel is extremely hard and strong; alternatively, the softer tooth structure has begun to decay.  The laser locates and identifies tooth surfaces that are less dense than they should be.  The DIAGNOdent has changed the way we practice dentistry, in that we can now determine if your tooth has a hidden cavity…and we can act appropriately. What freedom! The DIAGNOdent allows us to diagnose and treat your cavities at an earlier stage, before they become root canals or crowns. We can also use this device to be certain no decay is present when we place sealants on your child’s teeth. When it comes to prevention, we think the DIAGNOdent is one smart tool.

  • Guru

    GURU Patient Education. We have found a way to elegantly explain treatment options to patients, through our GURU education system. These are short animated videos that actually show step-by-step details of different procedures, so you can more effectively choose which type of treatment is right for you. GURU has helped us show our patients all their options, instead of simply telling them. Be sure and ask us to play a GURU video for you at your next visit.

  • X-Ray

    Digital X-Ray. Digital Radiographs are basically a filmless capture of X-ray images and are the new standard in dental care. Did you know that, with digital X-ray technology, we can expand and view your radiographs in greater detail, improving our treatment planning?  The best thing about this new tool is that it minimizes your risk of exposure to radiation by up to 90%.

  • Cosmetic Imaging

    Cosmetic Imaging is an amazing process that we use to help you visualize your ‘After’ smile before any work has been done.  Using digital technology, we are able to take a current picture of your mouth and quickly transform it to show you the beautiful results that can be achieved.

  • Logicon

    Logicon This technology by Kodak detects interproximal decay, which is another word for cavities between teeth. The Logicon uses a computer and digital radiography to find compromised tooth structure, so we can correct it right away. Our clinical team relies on this great tool to keep patients cavity-free.

  • Anesthetic Anesthetic. Gone are the days when you might experience sensation during dental procedures. Today’s anesthesia is profound. Within seconds, you’ll be deeply numb. The great thing about these newer analgesics is that they dissipate more rapidly, so you can get back to your regular routine faster after dental care has been performed.
  • spacer Oraverse. Oraverse was invented to shorten the duration of patient numbness after dental procedures. Now, when you leave our office you can eat, drink or speak normally, with no worries of biting your tongue or cheek because of a lack of sensation. Get back to work quickly! Ask us about Oraverse today.

Relax! We have in-office movies, Ipods and Bose® headphones available for your enjoyment.

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